Black Friday 2019

Severin Films/Intervision Black Friday Sale Policies & Guidelines 2019

Hello friends and fans! Welcome back to our annual Black Friday Sale! We have some incredible new releases (Films, Merchandise and Bonus Stuff) that we are very excited to debut with this sale. We greatly appreciate your continued business and support, as well as helping us have another record-breaking year! As always, every penny you spend goes towards us continuing to release unique, crazy films. Wait until you see what’s in store for 2020; it’s a doozy! With that, let’s go over some bits of information and guidelines to help make this sale go as smoothly as possible. Some of it will be refresher material but plenty of new information has been added so please read carefully.

What This Sale Includes

  • 50% off MOST Severin titles in our store
  • 50% off ALL Intervision titles
  • 5 BRAND NEW Blu-ray Releases (PLUS Two Bonus Movies!)
  • FREE Jack the Ripper Continental Version Blu-ray in ALL orders over $30**
  • 11 BRAND NEW Merch Items

The 50% off Sale

Severin Films and Intervision Picture Corp. are offering 50% off the majority of our catalog titles. The Sale will start on Friday (11/29) at Midnight EST. The sale will end at 11:59:59 PST on Cyber Monday (12/02). This year, we are doing things differently. For the first time ever, there will be NO BLACK FRIDAY CODE! Our website will be shut down for a few days BEFORE and AFTER the sale to make price adjustments and clean up. Once the site opens for the sale, all you need to do is add your items to your cart and checkout without any hassles of entering a code.

The following items will be EXCLUDED from this 50% off sale:

  • Releases from the past 6 months (this includes the Black Friday releases as well as Night Killer, Robowar, The Beast in Heat, The Wax Mask, Killer Crocodile, Paganini Horror, Byleth: The Demon of Incest, Werewolf in a Girls’ Dormitory, Gwendoline, The Boys Next Door, Viy, and The Peanut Butter Solution. This also includes speciality releases such as any signed movies and Master of Dark Shadows)
  • All Merchandise items
  • All Bundles

Here’s a nifty list of catalog titles that WILL be eligible for 50% off for the first time ever:

  • All The Colors of the Dark
  • All the Colors of Giallo
  • Skinner
  • Mondo Freudo/Mondo Bizarro
  • Ecco/The Forbidden
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Next of Kin
  • Invasion of the Blood Farmers
  • The Hemisphere Box (including its individual titles)
  • Emanuelle & Françoise (both editions)
  • Escape From Women’s Prison
  • Death Warmed Up (both editions)
  • Masked Mutilator
  • Saint Bernard (both editions)
  • The Uncanny (both editions)

Our Black Friday Releases

Here are the five New Release Blu-rays that we will be debuting for our Black Friday Sale:

  • ******************* [2-Disc Blu-ray Featuring Limited Edition Slipcover] (Black Friday Exclusive/3000 copies)
  • ******************** [Blu-ray] (Black Friday Exclusive/3000 copies)
  • Mondo Balordo [Blu-ray Featuring Bonus Movie: The Orientals] (Limited to 2000 copies)
  • The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield [Blu-ray Featuring Bonus Movie: Wild, Weird, Wonderful Italians] (Limited to 2000 copies)
  • Revenge of the Living Dead Girls [Limited Edition 2-Disc Blu-ray] (Limited to 2000 copies)

Please Note: ******************* and ******************* are BLACK FRIDAY EXCLUSIVES, meaning they will be sold ONLY from Black Friday through Cyber Monday and will not be available ever again (much like our Combat Shock release).

You can purchase all of these titles separately or you can grab the following Limited Edition Collector Sets or Special Bundles.


Only two of our New Releases will be packaged together in a collector set with a unique Double Slipcase (much like last year’s now sold out ALL THE COLORS and MONDO WEIRDO Duo Slipcases ). The Special Collector Set will house our Severin/Something Weird Black Friday releases of Mondo Balordo and The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield and will be limited to 1500 copies


We will be debuting FOUR unique Bundles during our Black Friday Sale that cater to our New Releases:

  • The ****** Bundle [Limited to 500]: This Bundle will include our two Black Friday Exclusive releases, ******************************************************. The price will be $52 with a retail value of $57.
  • ************************* [Limited to only 50]: This Bundle will include our Black Friday Exclusive release of *********************, along with a unique 5×7 Art Print by Artist Simon Pritchard and Limited Edition ************** Prosthetic, lovingly designed by Little Shop of Gore. The price will be $60 with a retail value of $69.
  • Revenge of the Black Friday Bundle [Limited to only 500]: This Bundle will include all of our Blu-ray releases that are debuting during our Black Friday Sale, including ************************, **************************, Revenge of the Living Dead Girls, Mondo Balardo, and The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield. The LE Duo Slipcase and Slipcover will be included. The price of this one is $105 with a retail value of $115.
  • The Bundle on ****** Black Friday [Limited to 400]: This mega bundle will include the whole shebang: everything in the previously mentioned three bundles. The price of this bundle is $130 with a retail value of $152.

PLEASE NOTE: All of these new releases/collector sets/bundles are PRE-ORDERS. They are currently being assembled by our distributor and we should receive them up to a week or two AFTER the Black Friday Sale to begin shipping orders (this information is also within each new release listing). You are more than welcome to purchase as many items as you would like from our store, but if your order contains ANY of the Black Friday releases, then nothing from your order will ship until ALL items are in hand at our shipping facility. If you want other items sooner, you will have to place SEPARATE orders. 

Jack the Ripper Disc

Recently, a collector in Paris contacted us to say he had a 35mm release print of the European “nudity version” of Jack the Ripper. Because we only were able to find an old standard definition master back when we initially did this Black Friday release, we included a DVD version as the bonus disc in the Limited Edition. We do not want to deprive our loyal fans of the chance to own a blu-ray of the continental cut so we went ahead and scanned the print. It had a fair amount of wear and tear so we edited it into the previous scans where scenes differed and created a blu-ray disc of this version. We thought it would be unfair to ask fans to pay full price to upgrade the Blu-ray so the decision was made to offer the disc for free to all those who place a Black Friday order of $30 or more (tax and shipping not included).

If you plan to be a good girl or boy this year and save your money, but still want this disc, you will have the option to buy it by itself for $12. It will be packaged in a cardboard wallet with original French poster art. The special feature with Alain Petit from the original DVD release will also be included as an extra.

UPDATE: There is nothing you need to do on your end or on the website. The disc will automatically be included on our end. Only 3000 copies were pressed so this will be while stocks last. This is also only one per person, even if you place separate orders. Thank you.

The New Merch

On top of all of the Blu-ray Releases, we are delighted to debut several new Severin and Intervision merchandise items:

  • Severin Logo Snapback Hats (Black w/White Logo and Black/White w/Black Logo)
  • Severin and Intervision Logo Magnets
  • Things [Special Faded T-shirts]
  • Severin Logo Water Bottles [Limited to 50]
  • Intervision X-mas Ornaments [Limited to 95]
  • Severin Logo Tank Tops [Unisex]
  • Drive-In Massacre Wraps [SIGNED by Director Stu Segall]

Black Friday Sale FAQ’s

Your site is down/I cannot log in. Why? Like with most websites, a large flow of heavy user traffic can slow the site down exponentially, or even crash it. If you are having difficulties getting in to our site, please be mindful that we are already aware of the situation and it is a temporary problem that we will try resolving immediately if it happens. Please do not sit on the site and continue to refresh it during a crash/extreme lagging or inundate us on with emails or messages on every social media platform. Just simply veer away from the site and come back at a later time.  

I did not receive an order confirmation. Did my order go through? Confirmations get sent out to the provided emails on orders. Please ensure that the email you enter at checkout is accurate and free of misspellings and that you have checked all of your email folders (spam, junk, promotions, etc.) after placing the order.

What is the status of my order? When will I get my order? We will begin packaging orders immediately AFTER the sale ends. A tracking notification email will be sent to the provided email via our shipping program, Shipstation, once your order is processed. Depending on the number of orders that this sale generates, it could take up to four weeks for all orders to get processed. If your order includes a Black Friday release, it should begin shipping within one to two weeks after the sale. Any emails sent to us inquiring about an order will be directed back to these policies.

Do you ship internationally and what about free shipping? Yes, we ship all over the world. Shipping rates are carefully calculated to factor in the USPS shipping rates, our handling fees, and supplies used. Our site also offers FREE economy shipping (Media Mail for US orders). For FREE shipping eligibility:

  • U.S. residents must spend $100 and over.
  • Canadian residents must spend $150 and over.
  • All other countries must spend $200 and over.  

FOR CANADIAN AND OTHER INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS, PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT responsible for any lost packages during our sale. If your order is returned back to our facility, we will contact the provided email to inform you of the situation and you will need to pay for re-shipment of your order or cancel it for a refund of the cost of items only.

Where is my order? Is my order lost? Can you do something about my traveling order? Once a processed order is picked up by the USPS and leaves our facility, it is out of our hands and we have ZERO control over how fast or slow your package travels to it’s final destination. It is your responsibility to take your tracking number to your local Post Office and inquire with them about your delayed/potentially lost package. A helpful tool is to ask your PO to check the GPS coordinates of your package to see where it went. We will be happy to step in and resolve this issue once the tracking of your lost package has shown over two weeks of inactivity (4-6 weeks of inactivity for International orders). 

I’d like to cancel my order. How do I do this? Please email with CANCEL MY ORDER in the subject line and it will be addressed as soon as possible. If the correct subject line is not put in, then you run the risk of your email not being answered in a timely manner. 

I received my order but there is a mistake. How can we fix this? If we put a wrong item inside or forget an item then no problem! Please email with INCORRECT ORDER in the subject line and it will be addressed as soon as possible. If the correct subject line is not put in, then you run the risk of your email not being answered in a timely manner. 

I placed multiple orders during the sale/I have an existing pre-order. Can you combine them? We created function at checkout where you can choose “Add to Existing Order” as your shipping option. Make sure to check BOTH “Add to Existing Order” boxes during checkout. If any of your orders contain a Pre-order, it will be withheld until ALL stock is in hand at our facility. 

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is addtoexistingorder.png


Are your Blu-rays/DVDs region free? Most of them are, but a small amount are not. Each listing on the site will have Region Code information provided.

If I pre-order an item, will I be charged when it ships or upfront? Upfront.


Hopefully we’ve answered any questions you may have had. If there is something that we did NOT cover, you can email Please do not use any other email or social media to try to reach us concerning this sale unless directed otherwise. To help save time and allow us to continue to work on processing orders as quickly as possible, if your email has a question that was addressed here, we will send you back to this guideline. Thank you for helping us curb the large influx of emails during this sales event. Good Luck and Happy Shopping!